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The Background...

The current work environment is constantly changing rapidly, with the development of technology and increasingly competitive markets. This demands that everyone continue to develop skills and knowledge in order to remain competitive and succeed in the workplace. This changing condition has made individuals, as leaders of their own lives or teams in the company, aware of the importance of self-development and continuous learning. In order to realize this development, an innovative solution is being sought to provide support in overcoming challenges, developing skills, and achieving goals.

In line with the previous condition, Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology is increasingly developing and improving its ability to process data, recognize patterns, and provide beneficial recommendations. This makes AI Coaching an attractive innovative solution for individuals and organizations in developing self- and employee capabilities. The personalized coaching method answers the demand for flexibility needed by each individual who has their own uniqueness.

GetMee is a platform that provides technology services in language and self-development through the development of AI coaching technology within it. The launch of this application will be held on Wednesday, May 24, 2023. Not only launching the application to be publicly accessible, the launch event will also be accompanied by a seminar that can answer the details of how AI Coaching functions as a digital program in self-development.

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The Hybrid Event.

Wednesday, 24 May 2023

09.00 AM – 11.00 AM 


Wisma Metropolitan, Jakarta Selatan.


Zoom & Streaming Youtube


Opening Speech

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Commissioner of Victoria Government Trade
and Investment South East Asia


"The Importance of Technology Partnership in Driving Economic Growth and Innovation"

Sharing Session



Founder & CEO of Kubik Coaching


"Preparing for The Future:
Important Skills for the Next Generation
of Leaders"

Sharing Session

4 1


Founder & CEO of GetMee


“Leadership Development:
Personalized Coaching and Learning with GetMee"

The Targets We Leveraged

This event is designed for corporate leaders who are seeking innovative solutions to improve their leadership skills and those of their teams. It provides a unique opportunity to be part of the launch of a groundbreaking project that is at the forefront of innovation in leadership development.

More Information.

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